I chose this photo because the main focal point is directly in the middle of the picture and it shows the very early stages of a flower before it opens up and blooms. In this picture there are also some water droplets on the bud that i think give the photo more feeling, however the photo is not in focus as the lens had a more limited focal point than i needed and did not focus close up.

I put these three photos together because they all show the flowers in full bloom which means they are neither visibly growing nor visibly decaying, the colors of the flowers are bright which brings your focus directly to them in the picture first which means that it will catch peoples attention. Also in the last/bottom photo there is an un-opened bud which contrasts to the flowers that are in full bloom as it has not even started to bloom.

This picture slightly relates to the picture above as it shows to leaves that are in different stages of growth and decay. The leaf that is slightly red is starting to decay from the leaf that is green as that is what it was like before it started to decay which there-fore shows a clear contrast between the two leaves.

This picture shows a leaf when it is at the point of dying and decaying when it has separated from the tree and has fallen down to rot on the floor. I chose this photo because it has a range of leaves in the background at different decaying stages that have turned different colors as they have slowly decayed and started to rot.


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