Shutter speed allows you to control the amount of time that the shutter is open for which there-fore allows you to control the brightness of the image and also how sharp or blurred the image is.Image

A long shutter speed can produces a blurred image and it can be used for effects if you have a light source, this is most often used for sports photography so the action isn’t blurred.

A short shutter speed creates a sharply focused image and is most often used for sport photography as it means the image does not get blurred because the image is quickly taken and not much light is let in, because not much light is let in you need a high Aperture so that the image is not dark.



I created this photo by choosing a subject which i this case was the shell and outlined it with a small torch while the camera was taking a picture on a slow shutter speed. I like this photo as it is different and uses a unusual technique with a slow shutter speed to create a happier mood than if you just took a picture as you can highlight certain areas of the object.


This photo shows a very fast shutter speed as you can see a water droplet in mid-air as it drips from the tap. To create a photo such as this one you have to counteract and even out the fast shutter speed with ISO changes and Aperture changes. As the shutter speed has to be very fast to capture a fast moving object there is not much time for the light to enter the camera lens to create the image, there-fore you need to increase the ISO to one of the highest numbers it can go up to and you will need to put the Aperture (F stop) down to the lowest number it can possibly go, having a high ISO makes the particles on the film larger so they can absorb light quicker and having a smaller F number will increase the size of the hole in the lens causing more light to be let in. I particularly like this photo as it not only shows a fast shutter speed but it also shows urban decay as the tap has limescale round the end and there is rust at the bottom which adds to the dark and gloomy effect.


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