I chose to look at plants for my growth and decay work as there are not as many easily accessible places around me for other types of growth and decay for example urban, because of the time of year i mainly focused on decay as most plants are dying as we are getting into the winter and only some plants such as evergreen plants (holly, ivy, conifer trees) are still growing.


I chose this picture as one of my top 6 because the position of the flower and the colors of the flower reflect that it is dying, the flower is drooped and facing towards the floor and almost looks sad which creates the feeling of sadness around the whole picture. The plant in the foreground is slowly turning a brown dull color as it is dying and contrasts well with the flower in the background which is still pink and looks like it still has life in it.


This photo has a dim lighting to it and a dull effect that goes with the whole theme of decay. The trees in the focal point of the picture have no leaves on the as they have fallen off and are dying, the sun in the background, which dimmer than it would usually be because i used a high ISO, a fast shutter speed and a medium Aperture size, is effective in this photo because it silhouettes the trees which gives the picture a gloomy feel to it that again relates back to decay.


This photo has a happy mood with it because it is bright and vibrant compared to some others that are darker and dull, i like the depth of field in this photo because it clearly shows the main focal point and there is good definition of the colors at the front such as the more yellow than green color on the edges of the leaves. This photo also has a nice happy feel to it because holly is associated a lot with Christmas which makes people happy and puts them in a good mood.


This photo is different to all the rest because it shows decay but not in a way that looks dull or makes you feel sad. It shows decay in that the vantage point makes you able to see that the wood is hollow and that is is rotting and decaying inside, however the picture has a green background which suggests there is parts of this plant maybe that are still living and growing. In this photo i considered the rule of thirds because there are three main parts to the photo, there is a green backround which is obviously seen, the main plant that is in focus and is the main focal point of the picture and the black inside of the plant which separates up the plant itself.


This photo has a different vantage point as it is from below the main focal point of the picture, i like this photo because it has a plain white background which doesn’t draw any attention away from the center of the photo unlike some photos. The depth of field in this photo is narrow and the picture changes very quickly from in focus to out of focus.


I like this image because the picture is focused on the thorn points which gives the picture an interesting focal point, this picture is also taken from a vantage point which isn’t the usual one as it is taken from above the subject looking down the thorn branch. I also filled the frame with all the color in the background so to not leave a gap that did not have any color or texture to it. This picture also uses the rule of thirds because it is quite clearly split down the middle by the main stem which also counts as one of the thirds.


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