This photo shows depth of the paper as it is out of focus at the front  and the back but in focus in the middle, i like the shiny effect that the lamp gave the paper because it makes the picture brighter and it looks more alive than a darker photo. I like the contrast of the little bit of blue to the pink because i think it brings out the color of the pink better.


This photo contrasts well withe the photo above because it is a lot darker. Almost the whole frame is filled by the paper and in the background you can see the lamp, we put a pink piece of tissue paper over the lamp to dim it and also to give the whole picture a slightly different color to the rest.


I chose this photo as one of my best because all the colors blend in together and the whole frame isn’t filled with paper, the different colors of paper contrast and stand out with the white background that surrounds it.  This photo was made blurry because of a slow shutter speed and a high ISO.


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