GROWTH & DECAY (2) urban


This photo is a close up of rusting metal as the paint has started to peel away, I chose this photo because it has mostly dark colors which represents the decay well as dark colors are stereo-typically dying/rotting. i tried to create gloomy lighting in this photo but still keep the image very clear but i think i could have made it slightly darker.


This photo shows rusting metal hinges on a rotting wooden door, this shows the contrast of different ways different materials decay, wood decomposes easily and breaks apart which is why pieces of the door are missing and the metal rusts and can be flaky as different layers slowly decay. I didn’t change any of the lighting in this photo because i didn’t feel that it would benefit the photo as the decaying wood would not be as clear and defined.


The yellow/orange plant on the concrete post is a result of decay as it grew there because of damp conditions, the hinge is starting at the bottom to rust but has not fully begun to decay, this shows that different materials decay at different speeds, for example wood decays a lot faster that most other materials. I took this photo so it was not to dark even though it would create more mood the definition of the picture would not have been good enough.


This photo shows rust on metal barbed wire which shows decay of metal, i took this photo quite dark because that relates well to the theme of decay and there was no risk of the picture not being defined enough because it isn’t a very detailed picture. The picture focuses on one of the barbs because i felt that this was the best place to have the focal point as it showed the most signs of rust and decay.


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