Carl Chiarenza

carl chiarenza 1

This photo is made of of different pieces of rubbish or metal that would get thrown away, they have been arranged in such a way that they make the shape of a person walking. To me the person looks like a soldier with a cape flowing behind him, a ploomed helmet and a metal shield that is being held just behind his body. The background looks like a torn piece of black card that has been chewed up and it looks as if the person is about to walk off the edge of it.

carl chiarenza 2

This photo is very different to the previous photo, though it is still in black and white it looks a lot neater and more organised than the previous one. There is a horse shoe hanging up at the top which is usually a symbol for good luck but it is being hung from the same nail as a coat hanger. The background looks to be black tiles that haven’t been battered about as one of them has a big chunk taken out of it. There is an American flag drawn onto the black tiles which has been outlined with white chalk, the American flag could possibly show his heritage or where he lives.


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