Movement, Contextual images

car lights dog light sphere person ride teddy waterI like the picture of he teddy on the round a bout and the dog in the car because the picture is focused on a fixed point so that the background has been blurred but the main focal point of the image has stayed in focus, I like the way the dog blurs out the photo as its fur has been blurred as it gets blown about by the wind. The picture of the man standing up gradually looks good because it shows the different positions of the human figure from sitting to walking, it has been created by taking a lot of images as he gradually stands and walks and then they have been layered on top of each other to create the blurred but sharp at the same time effect. The picture of the water droplet has been taken on such a fast shutter speed that it has caught each individual droplet coming off the edge of the splash, the water has a tinted colour to it which could have been created by putting a coloured torch or source of light in the water. The picture of the car lights would be a good picture to attempt to re-create as it only requires a standard SLR camera (doesn’t need a special lens) and a busy road with a bridge, this photo also shows journeys as well as movement. The picture of the fair ground ride looks like a rainbow of colours in circles around each other and does not resemble what it would look like normally. The sphere of light is a clever photograph because it has made a 3 dimensional shape out of light, the shape can clearly be seen to be a sphere as the different colours of the light can show how close it is to the camera in comparison to the other light.


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