Best 6 Images for First Movement Photoshoot



In my first photo the red light is moving away from the camera as it swirls around the lens, the red light gives the image a warm feel and it fades in and out get lighter and darker. The second image i have picked has lots of green dots that are really close together so they start blurring together, i made this image by using a laser pen with a filter on it to create multiple beams of light. The third image has the white light and the red light together at the start which shows cold and warmth together in the photograph, as the circles get closer together and smaller the white light disappears to leave the warm glow of the red light. The fourth photograph is a simple photo with a bright whits light, out of all my photos i think that this one most relates to the work of Gijon Mili as it uses a singular colour and makes a simple pattern with it.  There is a tube in the center of the fifth photograph which has a light going round it that looks light a lightning bolt behind it with fire coming off the lightning, this photo looks slightly dramatic with the flash of light behind the focused object. The final image has been created with a laser pen which i have turned around while it has the filter on it to create a wavy journey for each beam that has been captured by the camera on a long shutter speed.


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