Film Camera Development

In the dark room I developed some pictures that I took on the film camera, with film cameras you cannot see the picture until you develop it which means it cannot be edited in programs such as Photoshop. The film is printed out in negative so you have to use the enlarger to turn it back into a positive image, to enlarge the photo on the film you put the film in the negative carrier and turn on the enlarger with the red filter over the lens to ensure the light-sensitive paper is not exposed to white light, use the focus finder to make sure the enlarger has the photo in focus before you expose the light-sensitive paper to white light. Turn off the enlarger and move the red filter out the way, get a piece of black card or something the light cannot travel through and use it to cover up parts of the photo and expose for different amounts of time to make sure you know how long to expose the light-sensitive paper for.

After you have developed the test print check how long you need to expose the light-sensitive paper for and do the same process but without covering up any of the image. Put the light-sensitive paper straight into the developer and make sure it is coated fully, leave it in there for 2 minutes before moving it into the stop, leave it coated in there for 1 minute and then move it into the fixer for 5 minutes, after five minutes move it into the wash which should be constantly flowing water. Hang up the photo and dry it with a hair dryer if needed.

My picture relates to my theme of movement because it shows a marking on a road, this shows the movement of cars as it is instructing them how fast they can move along that point in the road. This picture could also relate to journey because of the image about cars and how that relates to a journey because cars are the main form of transportation for most people.


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