Close Up Homework

20130826_124105[1] This image shows a baby butterfly that has not yet got all the colors to its wings and you can therefore see where the brown wings are slowly turning into bright orange patterned wings. The orange color at the tips of the wings contrasts with the pure white color of the plant behind the butterfly, the plant in the background looks like a cloud that the butterfly has landed on.


The colors in this photo are very vibrant and brings out the life in nature, the plant is perfectly focused which allows the coloring and shading to become just as the plant is in real life. There is more than one insect in this photo which allows the frame to become more filled and for the picture to look busier and more alive.

20130826_120205[1]The wide spread wings of the butterfly in this photo fill the frame and bring out the patterns and colors on the underside of the butterfly’s wing which may not always be seen, the plant that the butterfly is on adds in the bit more brightness to this photo which makes the butterfly look gracious and elegant which is how butterfly’s are usually portrayed.

20130825_181451[1]This picture shows the intricate patterns on the back of an insect which would not be able to be seen without a close up of the insect and therefore would not be seen by the naked eye, The intricate pattern shows the beauty on nature and what it is capable of creating.

20130826_120137[1]I like this photo because of the detail in the plant, the buds look so sharply defined along with the flowering bud at the top of the photo, the shading on the plant puts perspective on the photo and makes it look realistic, the bee taking pollen from the plant adds a bit more energy into the picture to make it not a normal standard picture.

20130825_124146[1]The incredible detail in this photo is so fine that you can make out every single hair on the bee, the bee is sucking up some jam off a knife which is amazing as you can see the jam being sucked up the bees proboscis as it eats. The bee is a golden and black mix of colors which is a beautiful combination and the detail on this photo make the bee look alien as we are not used to seeing them this close up.


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