Evaluation Of Close Up Project

I am very happy with my close up project as I managed to take some nice photos that well represent the topic of close up. I started my second project looking at movement but instead decided it would be better for me to be doing close up as I preferred that topic and therefore had more enthusiasm towards taking the photos and took better photos than when I was doing the movement project. For my first shoot I focussed on the close up of different insects, my best photos from that shoot were ones that I had taken of a bee on a knife which came out well because the detail of each hair from the bee can be seen and the picture fills the frame so it gives amore accomplished sense of close up. I also took a picture of a butterfly which I really liked as it was climbing over a flower, I liked this one because the butterlfy had intricate patterns and vibrant colours on it wings that contrasted well with the vibrant colour of the flower, the detail of the flower could clearly be seen aswell which added to the photo as that wasn’t the main focal point. My second shoot was of flowers that I took close up pictures of, I then cut out the flowers on Photoshop and made the colours more vibrant and contrasting with eachother, I then used these edited images of the flowers to produce a mirror image which was inpired by David Hirst who was the artist I researched previous to that shoot. To create the reflected image I copy and pasted the images of the flowers and placed them in an arrangement on a quarter of the screen, I then copied the quarter of the screen with the images on it and reflected it so that it was completely symmetrical. For my last shoot I used an SLR camera with a macro lens to take pictures of butterfly winges close up so the intricate detail could be seen and the individual parts of the butterfly could be seen closely, this shoot allowed me to create another mirror image as one of the pictures I took of the butterflys wing I reflected to make a four way symmetrical image, this image almost looked as if the image is curling round and is hollow inside which is an abstract effect as the image was flat before. For my four final images I chose one of the bee that I had edited to make the colours more vibrant and more contrasting. I also chose two images that were mirrored from my secnd shoot, one was just the edited mirror image and the other was a photogram of the same image that I produced by doing four photograms in the dark room that I then arranged together and scanned onto my memory stick using the printer. The last photo I chose was the two photograms I did of the bee, I scanned both of them next to eachother so the image looks mirrored and the colours are inverted and opposite to eachother.


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