Photogram Images (Close Up)

SKMBT_C28414050911261_0001 SKMBT_C28414050911260_0001

For the reflection picture of the flowers that I did in the style of David Hirst I took themintothe dark room and produced a positive and negative image. I wasn’t very happy with the negative because some of the flowers can’t be seen very well as they have blended into the background because they have a ligh colour like thewhitebacground. I was quite happy with the positive image as all the flowers canbe seen, even though some of them are barely visible it came out better than the negative.


I took my close up photo of the bee into the dark room and produced a positive and negative photo, I then placed them next to eachother so that the contrast between them can be clearly seen. I prefer the positive to the negative because more detail can be seen and it’s a brghter image.


When I took the photo of the corner of the butterfly wing I produced two positive images and two negative images so that I could lay them out as shown above, this links in to the same artist, David Hirst, as the reflection image at the top of the page. I really like this image because the image came out as a nicely as a photogram and it looks good layed out symmetrically as it contrasts oppositley with each image.


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