Final Growth and Decay homework

SONY DSC In this photo i took on a head on view of a plant which made it look as if it was a star which is not how this plant would usually have been seen. I like the droplets of water on the spines as they glint with the sun, i also like how the background of the image is the same colour as the foreground because there is no direct contrast between the different levels of the photo.

SONY DSCI tried to relate this photo to the theme that Edward Weston focuses on a lot which is relating the shape and form of plants to human shape and form. The knot in this tree looks like a sad eye that is becoming slightly wrinkled at the bottom as it cries. The bark at the top of the knot looks like the top eye lid and an eyebrow, the top eye lid sinks down slightly which is what gives it the slightly sad and crying look.


I decided to include this photo because it almost represents the link between growth and decay as the two different sets of barbed wire are hooked with each other but it also shows the contrast between growth and decay as the colors and textures are so different. Because of the rusted barbed wire being in the same photo as the new barbed wire it shows the old and the new and how other none living things age.


This photo shows the different stages of the growth of daffodils through the stage of the shoot turning into a bud which will then eventually turn into a flower. The sunlight is coming through the edges of the buds so that you can see the growing flower inside like an ultra sound scan in a mothers womb.


The shoots and buds in this photo look liked worms or snakes that are standing on end and curving round which is because of how the picture has been taken from above. This photo also reminds me of one of John Blakemore’s tulip photo’s where the leaves look like waves with the flower heads floating in among them.


I edited this photo in photo shop because it was my favorite one and i wanted to see if i could make it any better, i changed some of the contrast and vibrance which defined the shoots a great deal more and brightened the buds to make them stand out more than in the original image.


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